About the Project

A Private Sphere is an unbound and growing collection of Australian rainbow families’ stories accompanied by conceptualised artwork. The project aim to share stories of personal endeavours toward parenthood and a little about the lives of featured Australian rainbow families. The accompanying art is drawn from personal items and surroundings of the rainbow families to provide readers with an identity for each family.

The children's bedroom

The Aspiration

A Private Sphere aims to encourage awareness, understanding and acceptance of rainbow families. The project celebrates the courage, perseverance and commitment of LGBTQ+ people and their families towards positive parenthood and upbringing of children. It will also empower hope and realisation to others within the community to feel confident in choosing to have their own families in contemporary societies.

A river nearby that a family spends a lot of leisure time

The Experience

The moving stories in this project will enlighten the reader to some of the complexities associated with family planning and procreation by the LGBTQ+ community and acknowledge that the desire to procreate is innately human regardless of gender and sexual identity. It will also provide insights to the lives of these families, to learn that they are just like many others around us. Alongside the stories will be conceptualised illustrations and artwork to represent each family.

Bath toys & a baby's first bike

A child's favourite teddy