The Inspiration

The idea behind this project was inspired by the writer’s professional and personal encounters with LGBTQ+ individuals and rainbow families, many whose stories he found to be touching, beautiful and so worthy of being shared. He also found it enlightening to see so many of these close-knit, joyous and enriching families amongst us throughout Australia that should be celebrated and brought to light to greater society so that there is greater awareness, understanding and acceptance.

There are support groups for rainbow families throughout Australia but there is little to inform those outside this community circle about our extraordinary families.

A conceptualised illustrative art that represents a rainbow family

Your Story, Our Stories

Some stories that fuelled the interest to undertake this project represent the diversity of rainbow families; their determination towards parenthood, family support, joy in parenthood, loving relationships and travel across continents: -

“My brother and his husband tried having a baby through surrogacy in the North America. They had 2 different surrogates with a total of six embryo transfers over the course of 4 years without success. As I have completed my family, I decided to try to help them to have a baby. I was very fortunate to be pregnant on the first embryo transfer. I am so privileged and glad to be able to give them the gift of a child they had been longing for.”

"My partner is a trans-male and is currently 4 months pregnant. They already have a 4 years old child."

“I am a single, bisexual man. I agreed to help a lesbian couple to have a child through natural conception. We had a private arrangement that they would be the primary parents to our daughter now, but I am also her father. I spend a weekend every fortnight with her, and I have loved seeing her grow up all these years and being a part of her life.”

“We have been blessed with 3 children. All our children were born in the United States, our oldest in Boston and the other two in Idaho. Our two youngest were born by the same surrogate mother, and we have developed a beautiful relationship with her family over time. We fly across the Pacific every year now to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together, and it is so wonderful for our children to have a strong connection to their birth place and birth mother.”

One of our rainbow family's backyard