Expressions of Interest

Call-Out for Rainbow Families

This project focuses on rainbow families who live in Australia. The primary criterion for inclusion is that at least one parent in the family identifies as LGBTQ+. We aim to present as much diversity as possible through the stories of the different families.

We will upload our work onto our website as we progress so that our audience can access our works as early as possible. The ultimate aim is to have a print publication with a collection of our stories and artworks to reach a broad audience. We would love to be able to channel a proportion of profits from the publication back to our community in the future.

Please read through the information below, and if you would like to express interest to participate or have queries, please e-mail or fill in the enquiry/contact form. You can also contact us on Facebook.

Important Information

To uphold the privacy of featured families, the project may only present the real first names of each family member. Anonymity may be requested by participating families.

Conceptualised visual arts will be created by our artist(s) to accompany your family's story. The artwork will be informed by a photoshoot of each families' personal items, home and outdoor spaces, which will provide an identity for each family, as well as to generate interest and appeal to the reader. Individuals of participating families will not be photographed.


Participating families would be volunteering their time for an interview (up to about an hour) and a photography session (about 1 hour).

Both the interview and photography constitute essential elements for this project. It is not possible for participating families to undertake one and not the other.


Each participating family will be given a token of appreciation from the project. This will be a print of their family story with accompanying artworks, or a variation of such.


The project aims to be inclusive and capture the diversity of rainbow families. Families who expressed interest to participate will be sent further information along with a disclaimer form and allowed an opportunity to clarify their participation and expectations.

Every effort will be made to feature the committed families. Participating families will be communicated with throughout the process.

We thank you with sincerity and we look forward to working with you to feature your family's story. Please fill in the expressions of interest form below (only available when call-outs are open). In the meantime, please reach out to us using our contact form or via Facebook.

Protecting your privacy

This project is a personal undertaking by the writer.

Any personal information collected is for the sole purpose of identifying and communicating with participant LGBTIQ+ families. This is to enable communication between the writer and the individual(s), and to aid selection of potential participating families to present breadth of diversity within the LGBTIQ+ community to be featured in the project. Individual(s) may opt to use pseudonyms to remain anonymous at anytime during the course of communication. No government-related identifiers will be requested. The information will not be used, shared or published anywhere (Australia or overseas) without discussion or consent with the individual(s) concerned.

Information is collected using Google’s G Suite: Forms application. This is embedded within the project’s website Further information may be acquired directly from participants via e-mail or telephone as the project progresses. Individual(s) may contact the writer to review, correct or delete their personal information. Any requests will be attended to as soon as possible, but no later than four (4) weeks.

The personal information will not be used for direct or indirect marketing purposes. The writer will do everything in his capacity to maintain the privacy of all information collected but does not guarantee against unauthorised access through malicious attempts, leading to data breaches, interference, loss, modification and disclosure. In the unlikely event that this should occur, the writer will write to all individuals to advise accordingly.