This project was born after listening to the wonderful Rachel Callander, an award-winning author, photographer, speaker and artist. Her transformational experience with her daughter, Evie was captivating yet inspiring. Even though Evie is no longer with Rachel, her special soul continues to live in many hearts. All the work that Rachel does in her space was possible because of Evie. Together, they have been motivating and uplifting many who have crossed their path. May our readers also have the privilege to listen to or meet with Rachel one day.

Thank you Rachel, for your encouragement and mentorship.


For our beloved Charlotte & Iris, this project was also born because of you.

Thank you to my husband, Darren and his parents (Al & Camilla) as well as my parents (CK & Diana), for all the love and support that you give to our family and towards this project. Susan and Danielle (our daughters' godparents), as well as our friends who have shared our journey to parenthood and interest in this project, you are family to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


This project is for all of us, present and future rainbow families. Thank you for your interest and support, whether it be in participation, reading or just being who you are as a rainbow family.