Our Families

Loneliness disconcerted Holly as she battled through the stigma associated with being queer and a single parent-to-be, as if the two were never meant to go together. Leaving behind her beloved rainbow community in inner city Sydney to Queensland's hinterland for family support, little did she know what she would discover with her young child.

A French-British lesbian couple settled down in Australia and decided to start a family. Their lives and friendship circle represented a 180-degrees turnaround from a largely gay community from when they lived in the United Kingdom to one that is now family-orientated.

Travel and adventure lovers, Hayley and Sophie from New Zealand call Melbourne home with their mixed biology kids, Max & Lucy. Their journey to parenthood was far from straightforward but they are blessed with two siblings who are like chalk and cheese to each other, yet very much like their parents individually.

Attraction is unspoken. Love blossoms even when the rules of law are determined to prohibit same-sex relationships. A South African couple, who met in the Middle East recounted their journey to parenthood in Australia, despite their family and friends being thousands of miles away.